Need Advice- Biography with lots of photos

I am not a writer (yet) and I want to start documenting my mother’s works of art, awards, etc. Is Scrivener a good platform for writing a book that will have a photo plus details about each photo? I am having trouble googling for information because I either don’t know the appropriate key words or I don’t know yet how to appropriately research. My first step has been to review her photo gallery and get names of each work of art, when it was completed, etc. and I am creating an Access Database (because I work daily with numbers/spreadsheets/databases at work). If I commit to Scrivener, is it easy to move the photo with the text? Does anyone have suggestions about homework I should be doing in advance of jumping into the writing? I don’t know if I will ever try to publish, my initial goal is to document all her works for family purposes. However, she is very talented and I think there is an audience for the end product, other than family. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to give guidance.

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