Need better Alt-Gr support

I have seen in various logs that the Alt-Gr support had been improved for special keys.

I use a variation of the us international keyboard layout that uses AltGr to produce accentuated characters (this one ;, and I have mixed results with it.

While in the rest of my windows programs I can type all the characters I need, I am stuck in Scrivener for those which require composition.

For instance, all those characters that only need one AltGr sequence are available to me, such as ñ, ç, é, í, «, » and others.

I can’t do those that are AltGr+` -> letter or AltGr+^ -> letter, such as à è ô ï.

To reproduce my problem, just try the key combinations I mentioned with the provided layout, it is 100% reproductible :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t really swap layout because I type in french, english and spanish. Full composition layouts are pains (like '+e to do é, really unconfortable), and I am also a computer programmer – and the us layout is by far the best for characters such as [ ] or ", ', <, etc…
Also, using the three layouts for when I need them is not really an option :slight_smile:

That’s it ! I hope something can be done about it :slight_smile: