Need big time help NOW

I cannot access the 6+ hours of work I did on my thesis today. After searching Mac-wide for a file that happened to be a ‘Backup project to’ Scrivener file that is a previous iteration of the file I was working on today, I CANNOT get back to the current iteration.

In fact any Scrivener file I click on will have the first part of the name of that previous iteration of the file mentioned, plus “- (the name of whatever Scrivener file I click on)”.

Do not tell me my 6+ hours of work is gone forever. What can I do?


Let us hope it’s not gone! Files go a little goofy sometimes, but it could just be lost in the depths of your hard drive, accidentally renamed, or only mildly (and fixably) corrupted. Could you give a few more specifics about what happened? I’m not good enough to just recognize this as such-and-such frequent issue, I’m afraid. :confused: But maybe we can figure it out.

Did you close the original project before you opened the backup file? (And did you close the backup project before trying to reopen the first–more recent–version?)
Were you using Dropbox or some other sync or backup storage?
When you say “any Scrivener file I click on,” do you mean documents within the project? And do you mean the backup project or the original project?
Do you have automatic backups set?

Just trying to think of things that might come into play, any details you can give would help.

Thanx for getting back in a heart beat.

The problem’s solved. I did a little menu surfing, and clicked thru the Recent Projects. No, it did NOT contain the name of the current file; however, playing with that I got back my 6+ hours of work.

In my opinion there may be a programming oversight, but I don’t know if I can (or want to!) duplicate the issue.

Thanx again, buddy.

So glad you’ve got your work! I understand what a heart attack that initial “it’s missing” moment can give. Huge relief to have it back.

Still am curious what caused the original problem, of course, and to figure out whether it’s a “programming oversight” as you said or if it might’ve been something else that caused your files to disappear. Is the problem that the project wasn’t showing up under “Recent Projects” from the Scrivener menu? I think projects can vanish from there if they’re moved or renamed via Finder, though I’d have to test this again to be sure. So something like that may have happened, which meant Scrivener couldn’t find it for your Recent Projects list, but the project itself was still safe wherever on your hard drive.

In any case, glad it ended up not being a disaster. :wink:

A “programming oversight” - love it; although it sounds as thought it could equally have been a user oversight to me. :slight_smile: Remember all your files are just files on your system, the same as in any program. The “Recent Files” menu just shows your most recent files, not every single project you’ve created. As with Word, TextEdit, Pages and other programs, you can just use File > Open… to open files on your machine that no longer reside in the “Recent Files” menu. Anyway, glad you found your file.
All the best,

You may also use Spotlight to find all files that end in .scriv and sort them in descending order. That should reveal everything you’ve written in Scrivener.