Need canonical version information (About dialog?)[FIXED]

When there are multiple beta versions in use, it becomes more important that we are capable of finding out exactly what version we are running in a meaningful way.

You’re using a source control system? It should be possible to have your build system automatically pull this information from your source control system system.

I don’t care if it is a compiler-provided build date, the canonical tree revision, or a hand-updated string somewhere – we just need something we can get to easily.

Right now, though, we need to check the date on the EXE files. While this is reliable on Windows it isn’t information that is normally preserved in Linux. It will make it easier on everyone if we can just get this information somewhere.

I recommend an “About” dialog.

yam655 is right - was going to make this suggestion as well.

Help > About, and have a build version. That way we can know what version people are referencing. No idea how difficult that would be to add, but could be something as simple as a text field that is updated as part of the exe packaging.