Need Font help

When I copy from a document with a size 11 Times New Roman font that I created in Pages, it appears in Scrivener like about a size 6 font, real tiny. Why is that?

It may still be the same size.
Did you adjust the percent of view in the Editor window?
It’s at the bottom left. Try 125% or larger.

I’ve noticed something similar when I use the Clippings service, but have not actually checked font sizes or zooms (don’t usually mess with either).

If I change the Zoom, then all the other words will enlarge too, leaving me with the same problem, some words much larger than others.

Your first post said “when I copy from a document”…and that means what?
Do you copy and then paste into Scrivener?
If so, try exporting the file from Pages in DOC and then in RTF.
Then, drag into Scrivener. Still the same font problems?

Times New Roman 11 will look tiny by default in the OS X text system… It is quite small. But then it should also look tiny in Pages. Are you sure you don’t have the Pages zoom set to 125% (which I think it is set to by default)?
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Ah for Pete’s sake. I went to pages and highlighted a paragraph. Then I went to Zoom and chose “Actual Size” and the font got real tiny…looks like it does in Scrivener. I always thought a size 11 or 12 font is good for reading, but does this mean that what I think is a 12 font is really about a 6?

No, a 12 is a 12 when you print it. The difference is in the pixel size and the pixels-per-inch setting of your operating system. Modern screens have ever higher resolution, which means that the number of physical pixels per square inch is getting higher and that the size of the pixels is getting smaller. On old cathode ray screens, Apple OS used screens at 72 ppi, and so 12 point font had 12 pixels and what you saw was normal print size — for some god-forsaken reason, there are 72.27 printer’s points to the inch! — which was great for page layout and design work. Windows on the other hand has always used 96 ppi, which meant that characters looked even smoother, but on a monitor with a pitch of 72 ppi, the text looked too big. So I always found Windows users used 10 point TNR, 'cos that came out looking like 12 point print size. Open a document on an Apple created on Windows and the text was usually much too small for comfort.

I don’t know what the basic pitch for Apple display fonts is now — I know there’s postscript in there muddying the waters, tho’ “display postscript” is not fully in place, I understand — but I would think it’s still based on 72 ppi and so with LED screens at a much finer pitch than 72 — my 17" MBP screen has the pixel count of a 20" desktop monitor — the fonts look much smaller on screen.

Pages does indeed have a default magnification of 125%, if I remember rightly, 'cos then a 12 point font on a screen such as this looks like a 12 point font in print.

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