Need help ASAP - no title in table of contents


I used my own images as headlines for my chapters. It seems that because of this scrivener doesn’t show my titles.

Here is a screenshot:

The first “Einleitung” is the folder, the 2nd (which is blank space) is the text inside the folder.

It’s even not clickable. In kindle it the titles don’t show up either.

Also, the auto created toc is just a blank page.

Here is a screenshot of what generates the image (meta data):

This a screenshot about my settings for formatting:

What can I do? Need help ASAP-

EDIT: When I check my textfiles “title” in the formatting tab, this happens: (both clickable)

but… this also happens:

I only want the first “title” (the image)

Scrivener has no way of getting the printed title out of the graphic files that you’re including. So the only way to make this idea work is to have the text “Title” checkbox included. Yes, that does mean you’ll have a redundant title below the graphic—this will just need to be edited out after compilation, using something like Sigil or Calibre (for Mobi .epub into Kindle Previewer to convert it, after you’ve made the changes).

I would however add the Title to the folder, not any of the documents within that folder. The reason being, most e-readers will jump precisely to the linked location, and so in some cases the chapter title graphic will be on the prior page that the reader linked to. You need the link to go to the image, which using the folder should do. I imagine your sub-section documents do not have titles you want in the ToC anyway.

Now to make the automatic ToC feature work properly (as well as any cross-references you have within the text), go into the “Titel-Anpassungen” compile option pane and disable Titel in Dokumentenlinks mit Präfix- und Suffix-Einstellungen aktualisieren. Otherwise it will try to stick the picture into the link (which won’t work), and you’ll get a hyphen in there as well.

So to repeat, you should be able to avoid creating a custom ToC as you have been doing. If however you still do want to create a custom page, use the Bearbeiten/Spezial kopieren/Dokumente als Scrivener-Links koopieren command instead. The command you have been using is for print, not e-books. It adds a page number token (the <$p> thing) which is meaningless in ePub and Mobi files—that is why you have a question mark at the end of each ToC entry, in your screenshots.

Well, it works now. I don’t know how. Even without the title. I guess it was saved in memory now.