Need Help - Bullets messed up when opening RTF in Word

I am having trouble with simple bulleted lists when I’m trying to export to RTF and open in Word using the mac version of Scrivener. For some reason when I open my compiled RTF document from Scrivener in Word, all the bullets I had in Scrivener now have two bullets instead of one. For example, my lists would look like this when opened in Word:

[TAB]•[TAB][TAB]•[TAB] Text Text Text
[TAB]•[TAB][TAB]•[TAB] Text Text Text

Even indented lists (i.e., bullet within a bullet) look like this
[TAB]•[TAB][TAB]•[TAB] Text Text Text
[TAB]-[TAB][TAB]-[TAB] Text Text Text

If I open my RTF file in TextEdit or in Pages, it works fine and bullets are in proper formatting. Is there any way to get this to work for Word? I have read some of the other posts about list compatibility and I have tried checking and unchecking the “Use word-compatible indents and bullets for numbered lists” under the layout options tab in the compile settings but it didn’t change anything.

Thanks in advance


Under the “RTF Compatibility” tab in Compile, is “Use Word-compatible indents for bullets and numbered lists” ticked?

If I recall correctly, there is an OS X text system bug whereby bullets that were created in a different program and then imported can look wrong when exported to Word - were these bullets created in Scrivener or imported from an existing document in another format?

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Hi Keith,

Obviously I wasn’t notified via email that someone had responded to my original post! Thanks for your reply.

The “Use Word-compatible indents for bullets and numbered lists” IS currently ticked. Just to be clear, having this box ticked should make bulleted lists compatible with Word. From what you said I may still have problem bullets if they were originally created in another program regardless if this box checked or not?

There might be a slight chance that some bullets were imported from another program (most possibly Word). Is there a way that I could redo bulleted lists that may have been created from an external program that would make them compatible?



Yes, that’s a definite possibility. To redo the bullets, select them in Scrivener and choose “None” from the bullets list in the formatting bar (or from Format > Lists). This will clear out the formatting. Then select the text again and use the same bullet list to apply the type of bullets you want.

If you still can’t get it working right, though, please feel free to send us some sample text so that I can take a look at what is happening.

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