need help compiling epub for smashwords

When I upload the epub, smashwords says that it “This book has failed EpubCheck. 100% EpubCheck compliance is required by Apple”

When I use the epub validator they tell you to use it come back fine (both the original and the one after it’s been though their processing).

Note: I did try calibre but it puts in some .txt file smashwords doesn’t like either.

Any suggestions?

Is there some way to have it give you a little more information? The error message is so vague I’m not sure what could be wrong.

That’s the only message smashwords gives me. It refers me to the validator which validates it. I’m clueless where to start. I was hoping someone here may have run across this same issue.

–I finally got an email from them which specifies the error.

bad value for attribute “preserveAspectRatio”

Hmm, interesting, that’s a better lead but it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve seen Scrivener put in before. Did do some processing with Calibre after you compiled? I searched the Internet for the keyword you pasted, and came up with this thread:

I uploaded a “fresh” epub that has never been opened in calibre. It had the same issues. It says it passes the EPUBcheck, but then it says"This book has failed EpubCheck. 100% EpubCheck compliance is required by Apple".

I’m waiting on the email to see if it still says it is the same problem.

Well, this is really bizarre. It seems to have cleared. Maybe it needed a few minutes to get rid of the old file and read the new one on the site.

I’m doing this for a few books over the next few weeks. I’ll keep close account of what I’m doing and see it it occurs again. It if doesn’t, it must have been a fluke or a calibre thing.

Thanks, please do. Like I say I’m pretty sure that code isn’t coming from Scrivener, but if it is we’d like to know about it so it can be handled correctly. By the way a good tool for troubleshooting e-books is Sigil. It will open it up so you can see all of the internal components and edit them freely in a way that is about as easy to learn as a basic web site editor. It has a WYSIWYG front-end and so on.

Will do and thanks for the info in Sigil. I’ll check it out.

Did you embed your cover image in the .epub? Unlike Nook and Kindle, where you upload your cover file separately, when you upload an .epub to Smashwords Direct it must include the cover image. It took me a couple of tries before I figured this out. Scrivener produces a very clean .epub that will pass ePubCheck and Smashwords.

I did embed it. I noticed that when looking at the epub in Adobe Digital Editions the chapters start half way down the page. I didn’t know how to fix that so I used the sigil program AmberV recommended and removed the extra spaces put in the top of each chapter. That fixed that. Then I ran its check and it didn’t like the date Scivener put in so I fixed that.

It passed the epub check but now it smashwords says it won’t pass the apple check but hasn’t yet told me why.

So, as a test, I uploaded the original file - unchanged from when it didn’t show errors - and this time it didn’t pass.

I’m perplexed.

I re-uploaded the corrected one since it just looks better with the chapters starting at the top. I figure if they don’t send me an email by late tonight telling me the problem I’ll click the “submit for review” button and see it that tells me what is going on.

I can’t help but thinking I’m somehow compiling wrong even though I don’t see anything wrong.

Note: their auto-vetter lists no error, the epub check says it is okey-dokey.

Page padding is controlled in the Compile process. In the Formatting tab, click on Level 1+ Folder, which should be your chapters. Click on Modify in the Preview box and you’ll see a Page Padding control in the upper right hand corner.

Smashwords is horribly unreliable, but getting better IMO. They accepted my .epub once I figured out they wanted the cover embedded. I get few sales from them but as I don’t have a Mac, I use them to distribute to Apple. And a few other ebook sellers who are difficult to deal with.

I looked where ya told me and the page padding is at 0 lines, but the chapter still starts three lines down. any other suggestions?

when I look at the code in sigil I see this before the Chapter Title




You might be running into some of the separator bugs we’re in the midst of clearing out (a release with these fixes is close to going live). At the moment it is impossible to separate two items in the binder with any less than two carriage returns, or an empty line. Manual clean-up is the only way around this at the moment.

Ah! Thanks for the info. Boy, the Sigil you turned me onto will be a big help!