Need help dealing with other files (materials) for a writing project

I’m trying to figure out how to correctly import and link to files. I’ve got 2 different use cases:

  1. I want to link to a file on disk from one of my text pages in Scrivener. It will be a PowerPoint file, and when I click on the link, I want it to open in PowerPoint but always use the external file on disk (in case it’s updated).

  2. I want to import a file directly inside my Scrivener project, so that no matter what happens outside of the Scrivener (if the original is deleted or moved), I have the internal copy, and I want to refer to it inside several different pages in my text.

My problem is figuring out how to get local copies (where/how to drag them into my outline structure) vs. links, and how to embed links in my text such that clicking on them opens them in the appropriate software.

Thank you in advance for any guidance!

Use Case #1
Linking External File = Command+K (or Edit → Add Link, but if you already have a link in the Editor, it will say “Edit Link” even when your cursor is on another section in the page. Not sure if that’s a bug.) This will place the link to the PowerPoint file you want, and subsequent link use will pull the most current version of that file so linked.

Use Case #2
You can just drag files into the Binder and it will place them in Scrivener for you as a copy. Then you bookmark it to the things you want via the Inspector’s bookmark area or you can use Edit → Link to document as needed.

Thank you!