Need Help Exporting Markdown to Word

I am able to export a .rtf file and open it in word, and visually, the formatting is acceptable, but the problem I have when I do this that I don’t have if I am exporting from regular .rtf in Scrivener is that the styles are funky.

When I don’t export from Markdown-composed documents, I can open those files in Word and use Words

“Select Text With Similar Formatting”

and it works accurately.

When I try that with a document I exported from Scrivener written in Markdown, it misses paragraphs, doesn’t highlight bold text, etc.

Has anyone delt with this issue?

I wouldn’t recommend using RTF for anything other than basic proofing or quick previews. It’s not an “official” format supported by MultiMarkdown (all it does is use the Mac’s built-in textutils utility to convert from HTML to RTF—much like doing so in TextEdit).

For a word processor workflow, you should use the Flat ODT format. This can be opened in the free LibreOffice, and from there you can save as .rtf or .doc/x. This route will have full stylesheet support already applied to the document (headers, body text, captions, etc.) and numerous other useful features such as real bookmarks for cross-reference and so on.

Thanks Amber. I will give that a try.