Need Help - Issue Exporting Comments on Long Book Manuscript to Word 365

I’m running a Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5, with Scrivener 3.1.5 and MS Word for Mac 16.39.

I have a 50,000 word manuscript to return to a publishing client, which has hundreds of comments in it. When I export it does some odd things and I am pretty frustrated, as this is due in about 8 hrs and it is near midnight here. :open_mouth: Been trying to solve this for hours but have not been able to find any mention of it.

I want and need the comments to appear in the comment pane/margins and not in the text as my annoying interpolations will make it impossible for the client to evaluate the readability of the edit. Initially it attached comments (not footnotes) relating to disparate sentences/words to the wrong ones, or consolidated them. Then, based on advice here:

I turned off “Use enhanced converters for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents”. That cured that problem of erroneously connecting comments to random words/sentences, but gave another one: now the comments appear in the margin of the document, but also in-line in the body text as well—not in grey font as it does if I simply try to copy/paste the text into Word, but in the same font/color as the body text. See screenshot with highlighted yellow text.

I’ve tried all the configurations in Preferences you see in screenshots (nix, you can only add three screenshots so I included 2 of what the Word file issue looks like). I tried keeping on "Use enhanced converters for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents” with the option clicked of “Use system Java version…” and that seemed to help some issues, but the comments are now all shifted down, such that each comment points at the wrong section/word/sentence in the body text-- the one that the next comment should be pointing to.

I have tried .odt but MS Word won’t open that; RTF files don’t have comment functions; and copying it into Pages does the same as copying it into Word: the comments appear grey and appear as interruptions in the body text, rather than on the margin.


I think I understand how the error in the placement of comments is coming in; it goes fine until there are two comments that have selected back-to-back text in a file. Then it gets squirrelly.