Need Help on Several Things

First off, the first few months I’ve used this I really enjoyed it, but my enjoyment has waned recently. There are just so many things I can’t get to work with the windows version and there only seems to be help for mac versions, which is unfortunate. I don’t know much about the company, and I see they’re releasing a version 3 but are going to be charging for it? Yet in some places it says they’re not. I’m not really fond of that, as it is unclear what they are actually saying. Which is my first question; is it going to be free or not?

So apparently only free for those who bought after November 20th…I bought mine in October. Definitely won’t be purchasing 3 at this rate. Not impressed with the demo for it either. Back to Word, then, I guess.

Anyways, second, no matter how I compile as-is or not as-is, my prologue, epilogue and some sections that I don’t want to have chapters keep getting labeled as chapter 1…chapter 2…etc. I tried doing a custom header through a tutorial that said it should work for windows…but doesn’t. Using <$custom:header> I’m not sure if I did something wrong…but it is frustrating.

I’ve found many unanswered questions like this on this forum as far back as several years ago. Now I’m not sure if there is any support for the windows product! I hope there is, as I’m really unhappy with it at this moment.

  1. Yes, there is support for Windows. On the forums, it’s mostly other users, tho the Official Tech Support people do come through regularly. If you want a timely answer from the developers, you should open a support ticket via email. You should use the forms or direct mail addresses on this page:
  2. Even if you bought before the cutoff date for a free upgrade to v3, you’ll get a discount on v3. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first paid update for Windows… ever. I paid for the update on Mac, and it was the first I’ve ever paid for, and I’ve been using the Mac version for… well, forever, it seems like, tho I don’t have any projects created before 2012… Since 2012, then.
  3. Sorry I can’t help on Windows compile. But there are many knowledgeable users who can (as well as tech support; see above.) It will help you to get an answer by putting more details in your post title.

Hope this helps!