Need help opening scrivener

I downloaded the latest scrivener, but there’s one problem it wont open, the only option is “open existing project” and that is very annoying because I don’t have an existing project as I deleted the old version.

Sounds like you’re seeing the project templates screen:


Scrivener only opens if you’re actually working on a project. If you don’t have an existing project, then you should create a new one. by selecting a template and clicking Open. This will create a new project using the defaults of whatever template you selected.

So if you’re going to write fiction, as an example, click on the Fiction category on the left side of the window and select the template most applicable to what you want to write.

Also, I recommend choosing the Interactive Tutorial and clicking Open. This will create a copy of the Interactive Tutorial for you. Even though it sounds like you’ve got experience with the older version of Scrivener, it’s probably worth your while to breeze through the v3 tutorial, to get a guided understanding of the differences between versions.