Need help re installing scrivener onto new browser

I had to reinstall windows 10 so lost my scrivener ap.
I have tried to reinstall and put in my license number but it will not accept it?
Can anyone help me please?
Thank you.

Hello pip55 and welcome to the forum.

I suspect that your existing Scrivener license is a Scrivener 1 license, and you’ve installed Scrivener 3 from our main downloads page. Each version has its own license.

You can download a legacy copy of Scrivener 1 via this link, which should get the correct version for your license.

And, if you’re curious about upgrading your Windows license, we have this upgrade webpage with information about discounts and the upgrade pricing.

If you think you’d like to upgrade to Scrivener 3, I recommend using our 30-day trial period to test out a fully functional copy of the program.

And, to be clear: That trial period is for 30 non-consecutive days. If you use Scrivener every day, it lasts 30 days; if you use it only two days a week, it lasts fifteen weeks.

Another resource that might be helpful if you choose to upgrade is this Upgrade Guide for Scrivener 1 users.

It’s a Scrivener 1 project that we expect users will open with Scrivener 3. It demonstrates how your existing Scrivener projects will have their formatting updated to work with Scrivener 3. I recommend working through it before you attempt to upgrade any of your existing projects into Scrivener 3.

I did that and it accepted the license but when I tried to open recent projects it states that the file I am trying to open is from an updated version of Scrivener and that I should update it.
So sorry for sounding so ignorant but how do I do this?
Thank you again.

Hello pip55.

Had you opened your project in the new version of Scrivener and then learned that the license wouldn’t work?

If so, then your project was upgraded to the Scrivener 3 formatting. You can open that project in a trial version of Scrivener 3 and use the File > Export > as Scrivener v 1… command to downgrade the project’s formatting so that Scrivener 1 can access it again.

Thanks for replying.
I think I clicked on an update link while using Scrivener a couple of days before I actually lost windows and had to re install it - could that have effected things?

When I tried to install the 3 version I didn’t open any projects because I could not get past the box for entering the license number.

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks again.

If you were only using Scrivener 1 before having to reinstall Windows, that wouldn’t affect your existing projects.

And, Scrivener 3 would display a message indicating that you’re about to upgrade your project’s formatting that requires approval before it performs that upgrade.

Were you able to use the Scrivener 3 trial version’s File > Export > as Scrivener v1… to downgrade your project and then get the project to open in Scrivener 1?

Scrivener can’t be installed onto a browser, be it old or be it new.