Need Help Using the Outliner

I need help with the Outliner. It used to show text within the outliner but now, all it shows it the chapter number. I don’t know what happened to the text that used to be there. I’m thinking I may just not know how to use the outliner properly. I’m still trying to find what I need in the manual and the tutorials but I can’t find the information I need. How do I work the outliner? :confused:

It sounds like you’ve turned off the option to show the synopsis text as well as the document title.

When you’re in the Outliner, click on View > Outliner Columns > And Synopsis and you should get the text back. (You can also do this by clicking on the little chevron at the right of the Outline Header bar.)

NB: it’s only the text from the document’s synopsis (i.e. on the Corkboard or in the Inspector) – it’s not the text of the document itself.

Think of the Outliner as a table or spreadsheet view of the documents you’ve selected in the Binder. You can add various columns to the view using the View > Outliner Columns menu. For example, you can show Keywords, or Word Count, or Target Word Count and so on.

You can drag documents in the outliner to a different order, just as you can in the Corkboard: the Oultiner has the advantage that it can show you more info about each document, and you can see more levels at once.

Hope that helps as a quick primer: you can find more details in the Manual at Section 12.2.