Need help with Compile/Format for distinct book sections

I’m working on Windows and most, if not all, the tutorials I find are for Mac. :imp:

The project I’m working on needs 3 distinct formatting types: Introduction, Recipes and Stories.

For the Intro and Recipes, I’d like the paragraphs to be left justified all the way through; for the Stories, I’d like to have the standard half-inch indent for the first line. I can’t figure out how to make them distinct in Compile.

I tried creating a new level and moving the the Stories to the right in the arrangement of the binder. Then, I went to Compile and made the new level with the half-inch indent. It’s still indenting my Recipes and looks terrible, but my Intro and Stories looks correct.

What’s the best way to have a book with sections that are formatted uniquely?

The method you started, separating recipes, stories, and the intro into distinct levels in the binder, seems the most straight forward way to do this if you want to override formatting in compile. In the Formatting section of Compile, you can then define unique formatting for each of the document types (such as folder or file) and levels.

It sounds like you got this working for Stories, so maybe posting a screenshot of your binder to let us see the structure and a screenshot of the formatting table in compile would give us some better direction to help you finish getting the recipes the way you want them. (PrintScreen to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint and save as a file to attach here.)

Alternatively, if you already have everything formatted exactly as you want it in the editor, you can disable “Override text and notes formatting” in compile to just use the editor formatting. You can still add (and format) titles and such in compile, but the main text will look as it does in the editor.