Need help with exporting or compiling for critique group

Hello everyone,
I have just started with scrivener and I think it has some great tools. I have reached a level of frustration that might send me back to LSB.
I am working on a project that is close to 50K words. Different chapters and different levels of revision.

On a Tuesday night I will take a scene or a chapter to my writing group for critique. Last time I wanted to take two short chapters as one piece. I tried highlighting the selected chapters and compiling for print but ended up compiling the whole book. I ended up creating an entirely new project with nothing but those two chapters because I wanted to compile and print them and print to file.

I can see this spiraling out of control. I have to figure out how to reintergrate the changes back into the main project. I am going to have too many project folders just for different critique groups.

It seemed like there was some reason that the print command wouldn’t work. I know that it didn’t ready it for a format, or print multiple chapters into one document, or save it as a file in another format.

Another issue while I am here… In word there is a way to make comments and track changes. Can scrivener incorporate those annotations when I re import the file back into the project?

Thanks for your help and advice.

Hi there Derek

Sorry to hear you’ve had problems with the compile. Don’t worry though, Scrivener is set up to do these kind of selective compiles so hopefully we can make your life a little easier! Have a run through the steps below and see if this works for you. From the sound of things it’s step 5 that might be the missing step in what you have been doing.

  1. Go to the compile menu ++E
  2. Expand to the full options set if you need to (the little blue arrow toggles between the full and basic compile options windows)
  3. Go to the “Contents” pane using the menu items down the left of the compile window
    hold down and click on any of the ticked “Include” checkboxes next to the titles of your manuscript documents. This will deselect all of the contents to stop compile from including everything.
  4. Manually go down the list and put a tick just against the sections you want included.
  5. At the bottom right of the dialogue box there are a couple of drop down options boxes. One is called “Compile:” Make sure this is set at “Included Documents” and not “All”.
  6. Assuming you are happy with all the other compile settings (eg “Compile For:” is set to your desired format) then click on the compile button.

For the other areas you mentioned:

Track changes: Unfortunately this isn’t available in Windows at the moment. In the Mac version you can take a Snapshot and then compare your current version against that benchmark, so us WinScrivs will have that functionality eventually!

Comments: You can use Inline Annotations for this: Type your comment in the Editor, select it and then turn it into an inline comment using the menu (Format > Inline Annotation) or using the keyboard shortcut: ++A


Thanks for setting me straight.
Looking forward to giving it another try.


If you just want to print out the entire contents of one of the folders inside your draft, there’s a drop-down selector in the expanded Compile window. Select “Contents” in the left pane, and near the top, you’ll see the button with your Draft/Manuscript folder selected. Click on it, and drill down to the folder (or individual file) you want to compile, and it’ll use that to compile, instead of the entire manuscript.

Another trick that’s easier if you want to print out 2 adjacent chapters or something is to compile to PDF and then print just the pages of the PDF that you want to take with you.