Need Help with Grammar feature on IPad Pro please

purchased Scrivener for my IPad Pro. The main reason I bought it was to import a book I am writing into it, and have it check grammar etc. I cannot find a way to do that.

I upload a document into it from my iCloud disk space, I see it in Scrivener, but I don’t know how to access the grammar feature. When i choose select all, there is no option to check spelling and grammar. How do i access the grammar and spelling feature. i would like it to analyze what i have already written, and check as I type new material


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Scrivener uses your iPad’s built-in spellchecker, which highlights spelling errors in the editor. Turn this feature on in Scrivener under Settings > Scrivener > Spelling & Substitutions > Check Spelling.

For Scrivener’s spellcheck to work, your iPad’s spellcheck must be enabled. On my iPhone, that’s done under Settings > General > Keyboard > Check Spelling.

Scrivener doesn’t have any grammar-checking capabilities.