Need help with multiple macs


I’m a computer knucklehead and need help.

Suppose the following:

*I have two Macs, a desktop in the office that IS NOT connected to the internet
and a laptop w/ WiFi capabilities.

  • I want to be able to transfer Scriv files between the two using, presumably, a thumb drive.

Question: Is there a way to save files or set up Preferences such that, when I drag on file from Mac 1 onto Mac 2, it recognizes the file and replaces any earlier copies residing there with the new, presumably edited or ammended file?


No automated way to do that, no. Here’s my suggestion:
Use “File->Backup->Backup to…” to create a copy of your project to the thumb drive, with the date stamp (I wouldn’t bother with the zip compression option).

Copy that backup to a folder where you keep this project (sorted by filename), and then double-click that new copy to open it in Scrivener and do your editing. By doing this, there will be no ambiguity as to which one is the most recent copy, and you’ll have another set of backup files as part of the process.

The key is to be extra careful not to edit an older version of the project, making it appear that you’ve lost work.

Okay, good tip. Thank You.

Next question: Can I use MY Scriv. subscription on a different platform. ie, a P.C.?

Short answer - no. Slightly longer answer: although the development of Scrivener for Windows and for the Macintosh both run under the same umbrella, they are being carried out by separate teams for whom the work would not be economic were the single price to cover both platforms.

To add to Hugh’s reply…

You didn’t buy a subscription. You purchased a license (a liberal one at that). While the differences seem subtle, in practice the differences tend to be huge. Specifically as follows

  • License is permanent with no needed renewal for the major version purchased.
  • Subscription is usage based (usually in calendar terms) and requires renewal when usage exceed purchased amount.

This site is super helpful. Thanks y’all.