Need help with section breaks

Hi all: Please forgive me if this has been answered somewhere. I did a search but didn’t find anything.
I imported a finished novel into Scrivener (from word) because I want to use it to format for e-publishing. But it stripped out all my chapters, so the entire thing is one long file.
I think I need to add section breaks before each chapter? But I can’t do that within the file, so does that mean I need to go back and separate the novel into folders or texts? And then check off the section break box?
Thanks for your help.

I’ve just done a similar thing, but in my case I created the chapters prior to importing and then the scenes and copied and pasted, selecting each section independently.

Probably not the solution that you were after, but it worked for me.

Thanks. Yes, that does seem to be the only way to do it.

The best way to do it is, before importing, see if there is a standard marker for the beginning of each chapter in the original or put one there, then use “Import and Split” from the ‘File’ menu, giving that marker as the point at which to split.

Another point to make is that you should take a look at the Separators pane in the compiler before going through the trouble of marking page breaks / section breaks in the Inspector. In most cases that pane can handle all of the dirty work for you. A common approach for example is to have a new folder generate a break, that is even a default. Second most common would be to insert breaks between files, if your chapters are short or you tend not to break things down by scene or subsections.

Also, the Split at Selection command is your friend.