Need help with short story template

I am slightly confused by the discussion on templates here. I am looking for short story and or what ever fiction templates are available.

Are there any available or have they been removed? The only template I have access to is the Structure Story Development one and the actual Scrivener app came without any pre-installed templates. Do I get more when I buy the product (I am currently on a trial)?

Make sure you run the little extras installer which is provided in the DMG you downloaded to get the demo. This will install a good number of useful templates and script styles.

Thanks I’ll have a look for that later.

Found that installer and the templates. Is there anywhere I can go to for more templates?

I didn’t download the disc image; I just clicked “ah gwan, update it so” (I think that was what the button said).

Where can I find the templates, please?

Re-download the trial (which is the same as the full version for registered users) from the main product page.