Need help with the tutorial

(That may be the lamest forum topic I’ve ever typed)

Under the Getting Started Quickly section, the tutorial says:

To view the “Quick Start” collection, click on the “Collections” icon in the toolbar (it’s the icon showing a purple filing box, second from the left)

I have no such icon in my toolbar, so I am stumped before I even start. The word “Collections” appears below the second icon from the left, but it is not clickable. See attached screen shot.

I am using Scrivener 3.1.2. Do I perhaps have a tutorial for another version?

You’re right that the Tutorial needs to be updated :smiley: But you can find Show Collections in the View button immediately to the left of the search button you circled.

But you don’t need to even do that. Your collections are already showing and you can click on Quick Start from where it’s peeking out above your Binder. See my markup below; hope this helps!