Need help with titles/compile

Hi: I searched and didn’t find this so my apologies if someone’s already answered it.

My problem is that I’m delivering a copy of my latest novel to a beta-reader but I don’t want them to have the (working) chapter titles. (I add a little note to each title for my purposes while I’m writing, but I delete them before the final compile because otherwise they’d give away the plot!)

Is there a way to delete these in the compiled version without physically deleting them in my working version?

In the compile window, under Formatting, uncheck the “Title” checkboxes for the appropriate kind of documents.

Thanks, but that takes them out completely. I was hoping for a way to retain the scrivener-generated “chapter one, chapter two” etc. but without my own titles “so-and-so shoots the bad guy” etc. added in!

Maybe I’ll have to make a copy and delete them all manually. Kind of a pain for 60 chapters.

Okay, I’m sorry! You’re absolutely right. I wasn’t looking in the “formatting” pane. Works perfectly. Thanks! :smiley:

To provide a little detail on what is happening here: within that Formatting pane, if you click on the Section Layout… button for the sections that were printing the title you should see the prefix that is being used to generate the “Chapter #” text. The prefix and suffix will continue to print, even if you disable the Binder Title output, making it possible to use generic titles like that. So, if you ever want to change the numbering style or what have you, that is where you would go.