Need lines & arrows in Corkboard View

Lines & arrows would help between text boxes to show the order of ideas, very much like storyboard view in Final Draft 12.

Hello pleighton, and welcome to the forum.

We have Scapple, which allows a user to brainstorm a number of ideas and show the connections between them.

Also, a user can drop their .scap files into the Scrivener project binder along with other research. If you’re a Mac user and do that, you’ll get a simple preview in the main editor.

And, if a change is needed, you can click a button at the bottom of the editor to open the Scapple project (same as any other kind of research).

That’s fine, but an add-on (at additional cost) is not as seamless as a feature integrated into the program. It would make work flow better to have that task work from within. Final Draft can do it, why can’t Scrivener?

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Since you mentioned cost, I thought I’d point out that Final Draft costs more than twice as much as Scrivener and Scapple combined.

Allowing lines and arrows would turn Scrivener’s Corkboard into a more freeform drawing application, which would be technically much more difficult to code than simply moving text boxes around. Rather than import all that complexity into Scrivener, we’ve chosen to develop a separate tool.

You might also find Scrivener’s Label view helpful. It shows the Corkboard sorted by assigned Labels, so for instance you could use it to inspect a specific character’s arc.

Scapple also is lacking in arrows so you see connection but not direction. A poor choice, in my opinion, for $18.

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Scapple has arrows. Or at least my copy of it does. (Mac version 1.4.)

I have the windows version & can’t find it on any of the menus. Could you tell me how to activate them?

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OK I found them. Thanks.