I am trying to migrate form a (failed) Windows XP tower to a Windows 7 laptop.

After much agony I (re)installed Scrivener on my Laptop and then updated it…

I then created a test project so I could see where Scrivener placed it.

I have a backup of the XP — so I can (theoretically) find my projects.

Any suggestions on migration?



Assuming you have your old projects stored in folders then all you need to do is copy the folders from the old desktop to the new laptop and point Scrivener to them.

For what its worth, I have all my Scrivener projects inside a folder called Scrivener which lives in the Apps folder of my Dropbox folder. This ensures that they are backed up onto Dropbox’s servers, and lets me sync them to my iPad. Once I had put them there I pointed Scrivener at one of the .scrivx files and opened it. After that Scrivener has remembered where to look for my Scrivener projects.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the reply.

The problem is WHERE Scrivener stored the previous Projects.

The old disk drive is kaput. I have a call into the techies that (attempted) backed up the old disk.

In correspondence (email) with Scrivener Support I am informed that upon creating ones first project that one is asked where that and all subsequent projects will be placed.

I do not remember such either in the past or yesterday when I created a test project to find out where Scrivener would placed it.

In the event Scrivener put it: c;\user\user\Documents.

I assume that it would have been so in the past.

But the Techies may not have backed up that Folder from my failed drive to my backup box.

I am treating this as a character building exercise as I search for the projects on my various and many backups — all of which may have avoided backing up THAT folder.

So … how may I designate a folder to place Scrivener projects in?

Thanks again.

You specify it every time you create a new project.


Don’t remember that.

I will be experimenting shortly …

Found it!

Thought Scrivener might explicitly ask.

Instead the destination is stuck at the bottom of the Save screen.

My bad.

Hmmmm …

Having lost (apparently) all my projects.

And having similar problems with other apps …

‘Paper and Pencil’ isn’t looking so bad …

What keeps me sane …

Is the example, before me, of Carlyle whose book/project I have on my shelf.

Who felt worse? Carlyle …or Mr. Browning?