Need some idea on 3.0 Beta

I am in the middle of a large project using Scrivener’s latest final edition for Windows - Version: - 14 Nov 2019. I presume that this is the latest because of the work being done on Scrivener 3. While I am coming to appreciate Scrivener, I really look forward to the final release of 3.0 - which brings me to my dilemma. I would start using the beta version - if I felt that it wouldn’t blow up on me at some point. (I have obviously had bad experiences with previous beta versions of other programs in the past) Is there any kind of realistic idea when 3.0 will finally release? It seems like the promises are never-ending and the assurances of progress continue to flow, and I know that it appears that the MAC system is the priority, but is there actually any progress on the Windows version? Second, how reliable, really, is the beta version? Are whatever needs to be finalized just cosmetic or are there serious design flaws yet to be overcome? Can I import what I already have completed - about 600 pagers - into 3.0 beta; can I import work I do in 3.0 into if it turns out 3.0 is a dud? I cannot afford to have this blow up on me as I am on a self-imposed deadline and having to redo things as I complete them would be almost catastrophic.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to communicate with me and help me with this.

Sincerely, Dan M. Appel Sr.

Hi Dan,

I’m not going to bother addressing most of your points, as they’ve been addressed in any number of threads in the beta forum.

In my opinion, if you’ve got a deadline, than migrating to the beta is a bad idea. You’d only be setting yourself up for unnecessary stress.

Here’s why: 1) The migration would be one-way, there’s no easy way back to v1.9. 2) Compile has completely changed, so there’d be a relatively steep learning curve, depending on how much you’ve been using compile. 3) There will be bugs. At this point the bugs are relatively minor, but they’re there.

So why would you want to add stress to yourself?


Personally, I wouldn’t move ANY v1.9 project I was actively working on into the Beta, especially a large one of some 600 pages, or even a small one, for that matter. Stick with what you know to completion.

Perhaps you might consider starting your NEXT project in the Beta, and become familiar with working in the Beta that way.

My 0.02 cents, for what they’re worth.

Installing a major upgrade when you have an imminent deadline is usually a bad idea.

A frightening number of support emails start with “I installed [new version] yesterday, my deadline is tomorrow, and nothing is working like it should…”

Don’t be that person.



Lol. i like self imposed deadlines… I just self impose another as I approach them. Mind you, another take on ‘I demand to know when Scriv 3 is being released’ is always entertaining. Should have their own section and a competition to see who comes out with the most entitled reason to be given a date.

Or, as Douglas Adams said, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

Since you have a large project with a deadline, even if the Windows 3.0 were released, you shouldn’t upgrade yet. Stick with what is working and you know. Upgrade and learn the new version later.

I once upgraded some software prior to a very important project only to find a subtle but critical bug a week later which over estimated the value of the asset by 20%. In involved a very embarrassing retraction of my report and some very heated discussions with the software vendor.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. - From the Engineer’s Handbook - page 1.