Need to add a specific type of quotation marks

So, my country uses a very specific and, I think, rare type of quotation marks (don´t ask me why, it’s very stubborn and stupid in my opinion).

At the beginning of the sentence we use: “double low-9 quotation marks.”

And then at the end of the sentence: “double high-reversed-9 quotation marks.”

I want to use Scrivener for my writing, but if I can’t use the correct quotation marks it just seems like to much of an hassle, as I would have to go over every single usage and change it after the fact when turning in a manuscript.

I’ve tried changing the smart quotes settings, but the options there do not include these types of quotation marks. And I tried going to “edit substitutions” and manually selecting the stupid low nine so it would replace the " with (low 99), but it didn’t work.

So, my question is: Is there any way for me to add a new types of quotation marks into the smart quotes? Or should I give up on my Scrivener dreams?

P.S. the language is Icelandic if anyone is curious.
P.S.S. Scrivener has spell checking in Icelandic, but that is not an option for the system language and did not effect the quotation marks in the text.