need to add kb shortcuts to format presets

Hi Everybody,
I finally had a Eureka moment and am feverishly at work on a new novel. I wonder however if someone could tell me if theres a way to assign keyboard shortcuts to formatting presets (i finally discovered how to make my own and I LOVE them) but its a pain to be feverishly typing and have to stop to add the proper formatting that i want to a given paragraph… its a thriller that involves showing a LOT of what a character “sees” on their computer screen as the story progresses. (None of the apps are real and im not a coder by any stretch of the imagination so ive taken major creative liberties with showing what little source code ive made up for authenticity’s sake and entertainment value) I have a copy of typeit4me which i use a lot but that wont help in this case will it? all i want to be able to do is invoke a given formatting preset without having to take my one good hand off the keyboard and use the mouse… its a handicapped person issue… any suggestions? And by the way whoever wrote the manual to Scrivener is a SUPERHERO in their own right for being so thorough. even if you dont know the answer please EVERYBODY read and respond to the p.p.s below on hardware.

p.s. what im ultimately looking for is the capability that used to exist in the blue background version of word perfect for DOS. i knew someone a long time ago who knew ALL the formatting key commands by heart and never had to take their hands off the keyboard to select typed text, apply special formatting, and move on without having to touch the mouse. thats what im aiming for i THINK its possible in scrivener i just dont know how its done… ANY GUIDANCE IS MORE THAN WELCOME. by the way im back to using the mac version and now that i have a mac again im never going back… the most recent version – 2.5 (25239) – to be exact.
thanks so much

p.p.s. ive saved up enough money for a gaming computer and really want to get one of the new macpros - the machines that look like ashtrays that darth vader might have stashed somewhere… but ive been warned that they stink as far as gaming performance. i also need a wireless keyboard with cherry blue keyswitches and a mouse… any and ALL suggestions here would certainly be welcome. its very frustrating to have a 46" monitor and to have a wireless mouse only to end up using a usb keyboard!!! (im using the magic trackpad and i want a REAL mouse with buttons) - but the most important component i need is a truly wireless mechanical keyboard. cherry blue keyswitches is non-negotiable but i would also prefer backlit keys… i dont care how much it costs - and thank you for tolerating requests for help with offtopic information. again, thanks for your time everyone! oh - and a iMac is not an option. im hoping they drop something amazing at WWDC this year… if nnot will buying a copy of windows 8 pro and using bootcamp make the macpro into a proper gamer if i spend the money to max out both graphics cards? or do i really have to take the risk and get a second windows machine? (which i REALLY dont want to do at all… but i will if its absolutely necessary) :smiling_imp:

The only way I know to do this is to go into Screenwriting Mode. Define your own paragraph styles for that, assign the keystrokes to summon them. The manual tells how and it is rather simple. As an added bonus, you can assign a flow of styles, so that style A summons style B when you hit enter/return. This is sometimes handy.

As ever with paragraph styles, though, the styles in Script Mode are not “true” styles as would be defined in Microsoft Word or a HTML document with CSS. Rather the styles in Script Mode, just like the ¶ styles you can create in regular mode, just “paint over” the formatting characteristics of a given paragraph. The Script Mode method has a drawback, too: if you change your mind about a certain style, and alter it, keeping the new name (e.g., “KillerPOV” style you now want to be Garamond rather than Palatino font), the paragraphs you had already formatted with that style name will not change over, and will be renamed General Text…

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Actually you can add keyboard shortcuts to the formatting presets via the System Preferences. In System Preferences, go to “Keyboard” > “Shortcuts” and click on “App Shortcuts”, then click on “+”, and in the panel that appears, set Scrivener as the application, enter the name of the formatting preset exactly as it appears in Scrivener’s menu in the “Menu Title” field, and then enter the keyboard shortcut you want. This should work.

(True styles along with an easy way to assign numbered keyboard shortcuts to them are coming in the next major upgrade of Scrivener.)

Hope that helps,

Keith -
Have any idea when that next major release will be and will it cost anything? I will always pay for upgrades no matter what you know that. You have no idea how proud i am to have finally had my Eureka moment. Ive been waiting since I was 15 to make my name as a writer and im now sure thats possible. Whats even more incredible is that its all based on actual events. I couldnt make UP a better story if i tried. It feels good, regardless of how slow going it may be to finally have a goal in stone waiting at the far end of the tunnel and to be working on it every day, even if that merans only adding a few pages every night. And of course none of my success would have come to fruition if I hadn’t taken a chance on Scrivener back when it was still in beta and it still means the world to me that you added the features that i asked for way back when. I’ll never forget and as a thank you your in the dedication. When Im a millionaire i swear ill set aside money for your retirement as long as you promise to keep adding good stuff to the best writing companion there ever was coded for mac! I know you must get really tired and frustrated sometimes but from the bottom of my heart thank you for all the hard work you have done to make Scrivener what it is today and continue adding to what you started - ultimately - empowering me and so many others to reach for our dreams! And I need everybody’s input on a good mechanical keyboard and mouse both wireless (preferably bluetooth). Backlighting preferred!
-SoG :smiley: