Need to input licence number

Scapple is telling me I need to input my licence number and refusing to open until I do. I have downloaded the update, but it’s still doing it. It’s frustrating because I can’t use Scapple. I could dig around in my records until I find my licence number, but isn’t there a fix?

A number of people fall into the same boat as you regarding how the license verifcation fails, and you have to re-input it once. I think you’ll find that doing that instead of trying to find a work-around to entering the license will be the fastest path to getting back to using Scapple.

If you haven’t filed your licenses away where they’re easy to find, you can retrieve them via these instructions: … -it-back-2

Thanks, rdale,

I was wondering if L&L had come up with a fix for this as they have done for the Scriv issue. I did indeed find my licence number and it was a lot easier to retrieve then I feared.

Do people do that? :wink:

Yes! I for one save my licences for all current and new software in my 1Password vault, where they are available on any of my devices with 1Password installed, and also with Yojimbo, where my records back to 2006, though they might not be complete that far back.

If I get a new device, 1Password is the first app I install … I can get the accreditation details off one of the other devices in order to do so.



EDIT: to give you an example: up until about 2015, I used a photo editor called LightZone, then suddenly the company shut down and it became unusable. Today, I discovered that it has been re-released as open source, but you need to login to the site in order to download it. Yojimbo had my login details, so it’s now back on this machine. :slight_smile:

I have a text file and a notebook (paper) containing all my licences.

Well, for all you know, I’m a airedale with a bark-to-text interface for writing forum posts. But I’m sure some people also save their emails to a folder called “licenses”, use 1Password vaults, text documents, print out their licenses and file them in a drawer… :wink:

For me, doing that one thing means I don’t have to track down the ‘retrieve your license’ page, or eventually give up and write an email to that effect, on 20 or so different company websites if I ever have to set up a computer from scratch.