need to install on an internet free pc

Hi, my trial expires soon and I will be buying the licence. I downloaded the software to my netbook and although I’ve been very happy to stick to that for the trial, I’d really like to load to my pc as well. Unfortunately I don’t have access the internet on the pc and I’m not too keen on getting it either - so, is scrivener avialble on cd, or is it possible to copy the licenced download and transfer?

If the computer you are installing on has no Internet connection, you will be provided with a way of doing a manual activation. This involves typing in a code that the software will provide to you, into a web page with a computer that can get online, and then taking the code the webpage gives you and plugging that into the software.

The article on getting past activation errors should be helpful to you. The process I described above starts at step 5 on this page.

And don’t just copy over your current install out of the program files folder - redownload the installer from the main page to a usb stick and install it to the new computer using that - you’ll need to do the same when Scrivener updates, since you won’t be able to use autoupdates, but you’ll only need to licence it the once. :slight_smile: