Need to organize a very messy Scrivener Project

Hi all,

I have a scrivener notebook that originally started on WriteMonkey, then ZIM, then Scriv2, and now Scriv3. A ton of the text inside of it is just copy-pasted into an organizational structure, but I have about a dozen fonts and no cohesion anywhere. Is there any type of command I can run to select all text in every file (about 238 files) and apply a singular font so I can go in and just change headings back? Clicking the main draft folder and pressing ctrl+a only selects one file of the text.

Okay I found a way to get this to work. I’m not sure how to navigate to the command in scriveners menu, but the help>search>commands “Documents>convert>convert text to default formatting,” which has a shortcut “ctrl+0” and then selecting FILES with text, not any FOLDERS, I can convert them en masse. I still have to select them all in the binder, but shift-clicking lets me do many of these at a time.


You can select a folder and use Edit>Select>Select With Subgroups to select everything in the folder.