Need to restart to insert images

Good day!

I’m a new user to Scrivener and a comic creator. I’m using Scrivener to write my first graphic novel and often times need reference images in the script for my future self when I’m drawing. I frequently put in images but noticed that inserting images is inconsistent.

I can insert images when I start up the program but if I create a new page, I’m unable to insert images until I restart Scrivener.

I’d appreciate it if this bug is looked at! This is a function that I definitely need for my scripts. :slight_smile:

Is this happening when you drag and drop an image into the Editor, as well as when you use the Edit > Insert > Image from File function? Or just one or the other?

When you say you’re “unable” to insert images, are you getting any error messages of sorts, or does the image just fail to insert itself?

Hello Amickie!

This happens with both drag and drop as well as using the edit insert function. I don’t receive any error messages and the images just doesn’t insert itself and it’s just blank. I do notice that the I-bar (typing bar thing) changes slightly as if something is loaded but the page is blank.

This might be a silly question…but have you scrolled down to check that the image hasn’t been inserted further down the page? I’ve seen cases in the past where the line spacing causes white space above the image until the image is selected and its line spacing changed to 1.0x.

Hi Amickie! I don’t think it’s a silly question, haha!

Yes, I have scrolled down in the page and the images aren’t there.

Honestly, I really do appreciate any suggestion for this bug, haha!