Neil Cross mentions Scriv on NZ radio

Nice plug for Scriv by Neil Cross, being interviewed on Radio NZ National’s afternoon show here: (in the “8 months to Mars” slot). A podcast will be available later, from the archive for Monday 14 June.

Apparently Keith has written (is writing) “cult software”.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention - and thanks to Neil, as always, for his support. (Although less thanks to him for being evil with the ending of Luther. :slight_smile: )

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I heard that, sought it, down loaded it, and am presently playing with it.

Keith? May I suggest a you-tube type vid tutorial for Scriv. Kind of like every 18 yr old American kid has done for any application to do with an iphone. I use computers all the time and I really like what they do for me but I don’t know how or why they work. My technical/jargon capacity is low, so I find reading about how to use applications… hard/long/hard. I bet you could explain a lot of it, on a vid, quickly, easily and comprehensively.

Other than that I really like what I’ve seen.



You mean like the ones on this page?


(They’re all available on YouTube too.)

Thanks for trying Scriv!

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Yes, much like those.