Nested Lists Indentation


I’ve just been evaluating Scrivener, and have come across a bug. Best way to describe it, is a video! So, there is an MP4 inside the ZIP file attached. And here are the steps:

  1. Create a two level nested bulletpoint list.
  2. Select all text
  3. Enter the TAB key a few times

What is happening is that the top level moves to the right, while the 2nd level stays the same. What should happen is that the whole list should move to the right.
List (594 KB)


Thanks for trying Scrivener!

I can’t reproduce this - if I select a nested bulleted list, hitting tab indents everything correctly. Are you sure you’re hitting tab and not cmd-opt-shift-tab (Format > Text > Indents > Increase Indents)? “Increase Indents” is intended for whole paragraphs only and adjusts all indents, so that isn’t so good for nested lists - hitting the tab key on its own should do the trick though.

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