Nested MMD lists in Srivener

I’m putting together an online course, where much of the material is delivered “Asynchronously”, i.e. some material is pre-recorded and students can view and such whenever they want.

So I’m writing the course in Scrivener, and I’m composing an outline right now for each lecture. I tend to work in lots of nesting, and MMD is fine with that.

In something like TextMate, hitting TAB will insert 2 or 4 or however many spaces I wish, in lieu of an actual . How do I get Scrivener to do the same? Or is it already doing that? That is, can I just hit TAB in my document, instead of having to hit the spacebar 2 times for each level of indentation?

I don’t know if you can make the tab key insert 2 spaces, but I do know that you can use the Replacements section of the Compile window to replace very tab character with 2 spaces. You type OPT-tab to insert the tab character into the Replace column. You’ll also have to make sure to adjust your tab stops to be (roughly) 2 spaces wide in the editor, if you haven’t already.