Nested Table of Contents

I started using Scivener a couple of months ago and like it, it looks like a great way for me to keep master copies. I write travel books that need to be updated each year.

I am having a problem with nested table of contents. Is it possible?

There does not appear to be a way to just select the sections that I want to include in the ToC.

If this is not possible can someone point me in the direction of making my own table of contents and inserting - making sure it will still be picked up by kindle and shown as ToC once the book is uploaded there. (I will eventually need to do the same with epub files)


See Chapter 23 of the Scrivener manual for information on creating a custom ToC.

Also, a general rule to remember is that ebooks use page/section breaks to identify new ToC entries. So if something is appearing in the ToC that shouldn’t, check to see whether there is a page break before it.