Netbooks for use with Scrivener?

Does anyone know of a netbook that runs Scrivener at an acceptable speed?

Scrivener doesn’t demand too much of a computer, what is going to be a larger factor is the size of the display. We recommend at least 800 pixels tall, but you can get by with a bit less—there will be a few windows that run off the screen a bit, but nothing that cannot be worked around.

Good to know, thanks! I really want something light and simple for summer traveling.

I’d also throw in here that individual projects and what you’re loading in them can perform differently. Since you can import just about anything into a project, you could have a huge project with a lot of media files and so on, which will affect the time it takes to back up the project. If you have a lot of image synopses or other media files that you’re loading all together on the corkboard, that will take more resources than just loading a document of text; loading your project to open with a large Draft in Scrivenings mode, likewise. So if you are noticing any performance drag on your machine, there are usually steps you can take just in how you work with the project to reduce or eliminate this, working with smaller batches of files at a time or using reference links instead of importing research files, etc.

I know I am little late with my reply.

Personally I use a Lenovo X200, not quite as small as a netbook, but light enough an small enough to be carried around everywhere I go. you can pick up a used model for 300-400 US and get a quality laptop with a nice battery life that will be more than enough to run Scrivener and indeed any other Windows application without any problems.

For example I usually run simulataneously Outlook, scrivener, Excell, OneNote and DragonNaturally speaking and the system is still fast and responsive enough to provide good productivity.

I can only recommend you shop aroun for a good second-hand X-200 and you will be more than happy. I guarantee it.

Greetings from France

Ralph Hummel

I, too, run Scrivener on a Lenovo X200, synching it with Scrivener on my desktop via drop-box. My experience of it is similar to Ralph’s.


i scrapped my really appreciated and trusty toshiba netbook because of scrivener. needed scrivener and it just does not seem to do that well in the netbook environment.

problems: processor power and screen size too small for any extended non-frustrating use.

solution: i got a laptop that is just a shade above the netbook - comparable in price, but with larger screen and dual processors. lenovo thinkpad x131e with AMD processors from BH camera by way of amazon.

great little cheap machine - 11.5 screen, long battery life, can handle scrivener large files. small, thin, lightweight. and tough. did upgrade the memory to max for about 40$… and might suggest that you consider the Intel processor option for more ooomph but not that necessary.