Network editing

I don’t know beans about programming, so I don’t know if this is even feasible…

Would it ever be possible to allow multiple users to simultaneously edit the same project over a network (similar to SubEthaEdit?)

I ask because a friend and I are collaborating on a novel, and currently we’re using SubEthaEdit when we hook up on the 'net to work on it. But SubEthaEdit kinda sucks for novel writing.

See Google Docs, which lets you share Word files on a common network server. The editing is very Word-like, but you’d have to use Track Changes on your own drives in order to follow the revision states.

If your dream is to view the document as you work on it, then see Devon Technologies for a new product, Desktop Transporter. However, only one user at a time may do the editing while the other watches.

With a Skype connection, you could discuss changes and then enter them.