Never-before-used Scratchpad hangs with Scrivener 3.1.4

I was right-clicking the Scrivener icon in the Dock and saw an option for something called “Scratchpad”. It looked interesting, so I figured why not.

I was presented with a dialog telling me Scrivener needed to create a folder to contain the scratchpad files. That was fine, and I accepted the default location.

I typed “Hello” into the new scratchpad file window. Then I clicked + to add another note, and that was it. Scratchpad locked up, remained permanently floating, would not close, and left me having to force quit Scrivener.

I noticed there was a list of windows in Scrivener, all named “Internal error”, none of which I could foreground or even see — they weren’t behind the Scratchpad window, or anywhere else on any desktop. See the attached screenshot.

After I forced-quit Scrivener (3.1.4), I saw there was in fact a Scratchpad folder created in my Documents folder, with two separate RTF files in there, one of which was empty and the other of which contained my “Hello” text.