New 1Password version updated & discounted

If you use 1Password to store passwords, there’s a new version out–new not in the sense that iTunes will give you an upgrade but new in the sense that you’ll need to buy it again.

Grumpy? Don’t be. For an unspecified time, you can upgrade for $7.99 and the new features are likely to prove worth it. The new version is also universal, so if you’ve not yet bought it, this is an inexpensive way to get one that’ll run on both iPhones and iPads for what is a bargain price for a quality app.

Here’s a good overview of the new version, including an explanation of how handy it can be:

Here’s a short description of what it does.

The biggest advantages with apps like this are:

It keeps you from being tempted to use the same password at multiple sites, a real security risk.

It synchs passwords between all your devices including Mac/Windows. That saves a lot of time.

It’s also good for storing all sorts of information, such as credit card numbers, that you wouldn’t want to be on an iPhone unencrypted.

I’m not sure how long this discount will last.


Just to be clear, the new version is for iOS, not for the Mac.


Thanks for the addition. A Mac (and probably Windows) update is also on the way. I suspect that, when that happens, the iOS version will suddenly acquire new features that were held back by the need to keep everything compatible. They’ve already said that was true for iCloud synching.

I can’t stress how helpful it is to have an encrypted and well-organized set of information that auto-synchs between all your gadgets. If your wallet gets stolen on a trip, you not only have all the credit numbers on your iPhone, you can include the 800 numbers to be called. And if your iPhone is taken, the sorts of information that could be used for identity theft is encrypted without the hassle of putting a lock on your phone.

I initially bought a different product because it was cheaper, but came to regret that. 1Passwords has regular and useful updates. The cheaper one has had only about two updates in the past two years.