New and in need of targets

I’d really appreciate some support with this: I KNOW I’ve seen it somewhere, but where oh where can I set targets for chapters or subchapters? And: can I also set a time-target in addition to a target word count? I am being chased by deadlines, and I guess I am a) procrastinating and b) in need of something to keep me on track… :confused:

Many thanks (and hope) in advance

Hi Rondonraita, and welcome to Scrivener!

There are a few options for targets. Working per-document, if you choose to show the footer in the editor (View>Layout>Show Footer View if you don’t see it), you can set a target by clicking the bull’s eye icon on the far right and setting a word or character goal. Once you’ve set a target, you’ll see a progress bar in the footer and the word or character count there will be x/y (instead of just x). If you want to keep track of an overall chapter goal but work with individual documents for each scene, you can load all the scenes in a Scrivenings session: the targets will add together, giving you the overall chapter x/y words.

You can also choose to show the “target,” “target type,” and “progress” columns in outliner view (View>Outliner Columns) so you can get an overview of where you’re at with multiple documents; you can set the goals here as well, and they’ll be reflected in the footer when you’re working in that document.

A third option is the Project Targets (under the Project menu), which is a separate little window that you can leave open while working (so easily visible even in full screen). This works on a larger level, letting you set a target for the entire draft (or current compile group–click on “options” to refine your settings) and also for your Scrivener session, so you can track your progress over the whole of your time writing even if you’re working in multiple documents. There’s no timer feature, but the session target is an excellent way to ensure you’re keeping on pace–if you buckle down to write for an hour, you can set your session goal at 1600 words and seeing the progress bar go from red to green can be quite motivating! :wink:

Wow, thank you for your help! :smiley: And such a detailed description, I am sure I can go on from this (although 1600 words in an hour… I wish! - It’s a PhD thesis :unamused: ).
And about temporal deadlines, I can always have a reminder in the inspector’s document notes, I figured out after a good half night’s sleep.

Cheers :smiley:

I understand. :exclamation:
For my thesis I’ve started setting a daily target of 250 words. It’s not much, but it’s achievable even on the “oh it’s so hard” days, and those 250 words begin to add up quite quickly (I passed 10,000 words this week!). Sometimes it takes only a few minutes to reach 250, other days it takes several hours, but it is very motivating to watch that progress bar slide towards green in a session. :slight_smile:

Glad it helped.

As for 1600 words per hour–pshaw, you can do it! :wink: I was in “pump it out, it’s a rough rough rough first draft and no one will ever see it anyway”! fiction-writing mode. I tried that a bit with university papers, but the effect was somewhat disheartening, not least because I rarely had time to revise as much as the paper could’ve used. Ah well. Best of luck with your PhD.

@ nom & MM

Thanks so much for your supportive words :smiley: It’s nice when something encouraging jumps out of the screen :wink:

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