new behavior w/ comic script auto-complete

Recently I updated Scrivener to v 2.7. The behavior regarding auto-completion in the Comic Book Script mode has changed.

Previously, if I had the lower-right menu set to “Panel Number” if I would type the letter “P” it would give me an option to auto-complete to the standard variable used --> PANEL <$SN>

It no longer does this.

I’ve toggled the setting in Preferences > Corrections > Only suggestion completions from custom auto-complete lists. When I check that checkbox, I’m assuming it takes items from the Project > Auto-complete list pop-up. I added PANEL <$SN> to that list, and it doesn’t auto-complete.

Not having to manually type “PANEL <$SN>” is my single favorite feature in all of scrivener! It’s disappeared! How can I bring it back!? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m having the same sort of problem. Neither the default comic script format or the Vertigo format are working the way they are supposed to. Any ideas other than typing things out by hand?

Hmm, interesting. I’m having troubles getting any of the element-specific completion lists to offer suggestions as you type. The overall project auto-complete list seems to be working fine in that regard, but it looks like there might be a general bug in these special completion lists.

By the way you can indeed still use them, you just need ask for a completion. Type in your “P” and then press Esc to call on the completion list.

Thanks for the tip! That works. Not quite as efficient as before, but it’s one step closer! Much appreciated!