New Beta (11/26/2020) Changed my Page Setup/Margins

Installed the beta right as I was going to bed, figured couldn’t hurt. Yeah. The update made my margins for my main editor (page view) comically large on every side, squishing my text in the center. The margins look like they might be 10 instead of 1, like an extra 0 or something. I’ve fixed the problem by changing my margins from 1.0 to .5. I don’t know if it was set wrong before (and this is the way it’s supposed to be) or if a mistake was made to how the selected values are being used, but I figure it might be a math error in how Page Setup is handling the margins?

Anyways, thanks for the hard work just before Thanksgiving, either way. I love this program. Happy Thanksgiving.


Did you have any issues while installing the new beta version?

Mine is showing error. I am attaching the screenshot.

Any guidance is highly appreciated as I love this software.

Thanks in advance.


I’m sorry. I didn’t have that problem and I don’t know what to do for it. Did you try to reinstall? Maybe to a different directory?

download the ‘Non-HiDPI’ version. the files were probably swapped when uploading.


Okay, let me try to do that.

Hi HisDivineOrder, Beta 12 introduces new top/bottom editor margins, including improved Scrivenings margins between the documents. We might have introduced some new bugs unfortunately. First review your Page size preferences in File > Options > Appearance > Page View. If nothing helps getting your margins right, please upload a screenshot and/or a small project with dummy text showing the problem.

I’ve attached a cropped photo of my settings and the end result. Hope it helps!


I think I know what is causing your change of behavior. Beta 12 auto-switches to the HighDPI version of Scrivener. As a result the layout might not be exactly the same as before. Still 1" should be 1".

The best way to verify this is select font family Courier Prime size 12 and type: “0123456789”. This text must be exactly 1" wide, i.e. exactly as your page margins.

Doesn’t look right to me then. Did the test and here’s the screenshot. Based on that, it looks like it’s doubling them. [attachment=0]ScrivenerBetaMarginsCourierPrime2.png[/attachment]

Thanks, HisDivineOrder! Your margins do not look right. Could you please run QtDiagLog.bat (located within your installation folder) and upload its output here. This tool collects hardware information about your system and we are particularly interested about the information blocks starting with the lines:

0 “\.\DISPLAY1” Depth: 32 Primary: yes

1 “\.\DISPLAY2” Depth: 32 Primary: no

2 “\.\DISPLAY3” Depth: 32 Primary: no

This is the output from one of my monitors:
Screens: 3, High DPI scaling: inactive

0 “\.\DISPLAY1” Depth: 32 Primary: yes

Serial number:
Geometry: 3840x2160+0+0 Available: 3747x2160+93+0
Virtual geometry: 7680x2160-1920+0 Available: 7680x2160-1920+0
3 virtual siblings
Physical size: 708x399 mm Refresh: 60 Hz Power state: 0
Physical DPI: 137.763,137.504 Logical DPI: 144,144 Subpixel_None
DevicePixelRatio: 1 Pixel density: 1
Primary orientation: 2 Orientation: 2 Native orientation: 0 OrientationUpdateMask: 0

Have in mind that the number of blocks matches the number of monitors, and we need the info from all monitors on your computer. It would be best to upload the full length text output.

If this bug bothers you too much, you can switch to the Non-HighDPI Scrivener version available for download about the end of the official Beta 12 announcement message. I believe it will be working as expected with the Non-HighDPI version.

If you have multiple monitors, you can try also the following,
Use Windows and switch your primary monitor to another display. Restart Scrivener and check your page margins again.

Thanks for looking into this. I couldn’t find an output file, so I C&P’ed this from the console window into a txt file. I left out the bits toward the beginning that I recognized. Also, this PC doesn’t have any other monitors. Can’t test that.