New beta seems to be seriously laggy


Loving the rapid-fire new releases. Right up to this last one. Since installing the update that popped up in the dialogue box this morning (Version: Beta (331056) 64-bit - 28 Sep 2018), I have been making friends with the ctrl-alt-del key combination and whiling away many minutes watching the spinning blue ring. Have not encountered this on any of the previous releases.

Have wondered if maybe my file is corrupted in some way, but it worked fine on previous beta releases, so I’m thinking probably not? Most times the spinning blue ring eventually stops and Scrivener springs back into life, but several restarts have been required.

On the plus side it is teaching me patience, and giving me plenty of opportunity to make coffee :smiley:

Any ideas why this issue may be occurring?



I fixed this (largely) by doing a complete reinstall. Uninstalled the Beta. Made sure it was deleted (manually) by opening the file folder in “Program Files” and deleting all the contents of the Scrivener3 installation folder, including the folder (I install into a new folder named “Scrivener 3”). Installed the new Beta again to “Scrivener3” folder.

This beta is a little laggy (it’s been noticed, and they have a fix for the next release), but what are you doing to get that spinning blue ring?

I notice that the most when I go to Part 1 or larger folders.

Mind you, I only have 24,000 words project, so it is kind of small. I get the spinning blue circle and locks my window for 5-10 seconds :\

Some of my projects are several hundred thousand words, and I do not see that kind of lag. On the other hand, my machine has a recent CPU and relatively fast storage, so your mileage may vary.

Is the project a conversion from version 1.9.x? If so, I suggest recreating it in the Windows Beta (make a new project folder, select all folders in the 1.9 version, drag and drop them into the new version). Not sure why, but project conversion is not clean; it causes several issues, and performance can be one of them.

Also, did you install the Windows Beta in the same folder with the prior version? I suggest not doing this (tho it’s supposed to be okay, it seems to cause some performance issues). On my reinstall, I installed the Beta into its own folder (Scrivener 3), and many of those performance issues lessened considerably.

I was having issues with the high lag (despite having a middling-high-end CPU and relatively fast storage), but a clean reinstall (deleted the prior Scrivener 3 folder entirely and reinstalled to Scrivener 3 folder) fixed much of that.

I will try copying/pasting all folders, you mean from one project window to another project window?

What about the notes and all other stuff, are they going to be preserved?

Experiencing the lag as well, manifesting mainly as delay when switching documents with text in them

I think all the meta-data came over, including comments, footnotes, etc. I opened a new project, selected everything in the binder of the old project, dropped it into the new project, and re-arranged as I needed. You could import the old project instead, but I used drag and drop.

I started a completely new project in the Beta, didn’t copy anything. I still get noticable lags even when I just jump from one 1000 word scrivening to the next. If I try to view my whole manuscript, I have to wait up to 30 seconds for it to load. It’s almost as if the Beta loads the whole project every time I switch, even if it only has to show just a tiny part of it. I’ve added and deleted lots of scrivenings, comments, summaries and so on since starting this specific project and it just gets laggier and laggier.

It’s supposed to be fixed with the next Beta version, which should come next week some time. See I reinstalled into a clean directory, and that helped. Not sure why.

Hello, the same seems to be happening to me, every time I open the beta version and search the tabs or other options it freezes completely that I have to shut down the program.

The same happened with the previous version that I installed this week in the computer, I decided to install beta v3 to see if it would be solved but still nothing,at least with this version I can open some old files before they freeze.

There are at least two threads going on this topic (e.g. [url]]), so to try and consolidate info, I’m re-posting here what I just posted in the other thread:

My main PC is Core i7-6700 (3.4GHz), 16Gb of DDR4 RAM, Samsung SSD, NVidia RTX 2070. As I would expect, Beta 11 really flies.

My 3-year-old laptop is a Core M-5Y10c @ 0.80 GHz, 8Gb RAM, Crucial SSD, Intel HD graphics 5300, Beta 11 performance is perfectly acceptable (but obviously, not as fast)

So, congratulations to the developers; major improvement!

UPDATED (12/12/18). Having used Beta 10 a bit more, I’m a bit less impressed. Again, on the PC it’s fine, but on the laptop I’m getting “Scrivener is not responding” messages quite often. Especially when clicking on the title of a document in the binder or search results list; takes a very long time before the document opens.

thanks for the information.

Beta 12 is waaaay faster!