New Beta version via Update-option OK?

I used Beta 22, and this morning, I installed Beta 23 via the built-in automatic “update”-option.
Later, I read in the Beta instructions in this foum, that


Could it do any harm, having installed new beta without uninstalling the old one?
Everything seems to be working fine on my new Beta so far…

Regards Nino

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Plus, this way allyour personal changes remain intact.

In my opinion, the updater should also be tested, to make sure it does its work properly. Maybe that language should be removed, or better yet, changed to ask people to make use of it.

About six months ago, I realized I had never uninstalled previous beta versions, thinking the installer would just take care of things. I ended up with a long list of entries listed as being installed. It never caused any harm. The next time I installed, I uninstalled all of the old versions first. Since they all install to the same location anyway, it seems more like a bookkeeping issue than anything else.

Granted, I’m usually a bit cavalier with such things, but I’ve been updating with the update function for awhile. It works. I figured that if it doesn’t work, that’s something they would want to know about at this point. (That is, people are going to use the function, and better to find out now that it’s not working.)

One thing that bugs me is the prompt to reboot after installing. Is that really necessary now? I was under the impression that one didn’t need to reboot as much since Vista. :slight_smile:

Using the updater alone is OK, testing out the updater, however, you should be aware that it leaves pieces parts (and parts is parts) of the previous versions lying around. You can see this in the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

I usually use the downloadable version rather than the built-in updater and remove the old version first. Usually. This allows me to make a backup of the options before updating, along with a screengrab of the toolbars since that isn’t saved with the preferences. This time I did the save of the preferences and verified my toolbar pic was up-to-date, then closed Scrivener and ran the downloaded update to install over what was there - testing out the new option to save the toolbars. Once b23 was installed, I again saved the options after making a couple of font changes to menus and such, then completely uninstalled b23 and the leftover b22. Reinstalled b23 and brought in my saved b23 preferences - wow, toolbars did save in preferences! Very cool.

I’ve been using the in-app updater since at least before beta 16 and it works fine. I only have a single entry in my “Installed Programs” but it still shows 2.9.16 as my version, rather than updating each time.

I’ve never been asked to reboot either updating or on a clean install of the Beta.

Me either. I’ve heard of overly-zealous third-party security apps that try to lock all open executable files, which could in theory cause something like this…

Ditto for me as well. The only option I have is that it closes the window, updates and then I have to reopen it. The only reason it should ask to reboot is if there is parts of an application open that needs to be closed so as to not have any conflict.

The internal updater seems to be functioning as it should. I’ve been using it to see if there are obvious issues, and there don’t seem to be.

The only issue of any substance so far is that it does not update the version number correctly. This is almost certainly related to the registry, and should be fixable.