New Big Sur Icon?

Hey everyone,

With macOS Big Sur coming along, most of the apple icons are getting “redone” to look more like IOS icons. An example of which is the messages icon:
Will Scrivener be transitioning from its (rather awesome I should say) circle icon to one like the iOS icon to match the default apple ones? I know its minor and rather meaningless but still fun to ask :smiley:


We will indeed be transitioning to a rounded square icon to fit in with Big Sur. We’re still throwing ideas around on how it will look, but it will have some variant of the “S” in it (I’m still working on the Big Sur update). I have to say that I really hate the new icons that use the Messages style - a bright background with a shadowed shape over the top - so we won’t be using that specific style. There’s plenty of scope for something nice, though- Preview, Contacts, Photos, Safari, Xcode and others all have icons that I quite like on Big Sur.

abAll the best,

Should we start a betting pool now on the number of “I hate the new icon” posts?

Maybe a BINGO grid that categorizes the severity of the dislike from “mildly dislike” to “UNCONTROLLABLE RAGE! WHY DON’T YOU JUST KICK MY PUPPY WHILE YOU’RE AT IT!!!”, with a few “I’m photo shopping my own icon because yours sucks, dude,” squares for variety.

There are always a few people with zero chill when it comes to the thing you click on to get to writing. Might as well have fun at their expense. :smiling_imp:

Ooh, good idea - this always happens when we change our icon. Maybe I’ll just have an icon of a close up of my left nostril, and just be done with it.

No one will believe “nostril” isn’t code for something else…

A bingo card sounds like an excellent idea! Always an outcry when an icon changes; literally every software I’ve been involved in that has changed icons has had some hate come their way.