New Binder Icons?

Just a quick question: Is there a resource where you can download more icons for the binder (i mean the little ones assigned to documents, notes and research)? I would think that there must be some fan-made sets around …


A few people have uploaded sets on the forums, so you may find them searching around–in the Tips section, if I recall correctly. You can also find tons of things at various icon sites online; some are commercial, but a lot are free for personal use. Just watch out–you can spend gobs of time looking for the “perfect” icon for your folder… :wink:

Cant find any on these forums

Here’s one set AndreasE shared of checkmark styles and such (an image and then the download in the following post).

And here are some additional color options for the standard book icon.

You’re probably best off doing a search for some icon repositories like and looking through those for whatever you’re particularly after.

MM - looking at the two sets you have linked to, these are just 16x16 image files. Does the format or number of colours matter?

I might be tempted to knock up a set (paricularly sad given you can’t swap them out in Windows yet).

Using TIFF or PNG is best; Scrivener will convert other image formats to this. Icons must be 16x16 for the binder and other views, so Scrivener will resize them as necessary and consequently you’ll get the best quality if you make them that size from the start or resize them yourself in an image editor where you have better control. You may want to make the icon itself slightly smaller, with a little padding to keep the full image 16x16, as a lot of the default icons are a bit smaller to allow for shadow. Number of colors doesn’t matter, but no more than 256. :wink:

It’ll come, and you’ll be ready!