New Book 'MASTYR PHRENZY' Published and on Amazon

I finally did it!

Years of research and weeks of writing finally paid off.
Spouts of writers block and focus drifting seemed to dominate for a while.
But my first Book, thanks to Scrivener, is out for the world to get.

Book: Mastyr Phrenzy
A startling non-fiction work that unveils the evil men behind the anti-christ.

Go to my website: to buy or learn more
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Hi, just to note that I’ve deleted the posts on the other two forums as this is the best place to talk about your book rather than having the same information spread across three forums.

Finally, some hard news on Sarah Palin!

Where?? In ‘Mastyr Phrenzy’?

From the website:
"What is the book about?

This Book reveals the global conspiracy of sinister secret societies like the demonic think-tank that is the Bilderbergers. The fraternity that has designed Satanic landmarks, the Freemasons, is preparing their final product for the End of the Dawn. Learn about the demonic symbols on the dollar bill, about the Beast of Revelation. And finally, learn about the New World Religion designed to bend Christians away from God?"

aint nowt there about, ‘The Road to Nowhere’. Is it possible, there`s a Dawn Palin knocking about :confused:

Wot am I missing?

Mind you! If you half close your eyes, and squint at that lot, it kindda coalesces into an iridescent Sarah Palin! :open_mouth:

Tina Fey did a great job of that on “SNL” the other night! 8)

But maybe I’m drifting off topic again…

Ywanna drift Babe? You drift. 8) Us driffters godda stick tgedda!. … 1#26717301