New build before December 7th?

Will there be new build before the latest beta expires on December 7th?
Or should I reinstall 1.2.5?

There is already a new one out! Here is the link to it. Expiration Dec. 21.

has it been out a while?
I clicked the “check for update” in Scrivener a few hours ago, and it said it was up to date. I also looked on on this forum, didn’t see anything.
is there as special place I need to look in the future?

This is just a new beta release, not an official one, so it’s just available from the thread in the beta forum; these don’t go out via the auto-update channels.

The beta releases do not register in the main update system. There is only one update feed, so if we published betas through that, everyone in the world would get a notice and mayhem would ensue. :slight_smile: Do you use Twitter or Facebook? We try to put notices on those services whenever beta updates are announced.

I have a FB account & connected to Scrivener. However rarely go on FB. It can be a REAL time waster. ( some people have a need to give a daily report what they what they had for lunch :imp: )

But will check the Scrivener page for updates

What should the more conservative types do about the NaNoWrimo expiration? Is the plan to make a new stable release before then, or should new users be told to down-grade to the pre-NaNo version (without inspector comments and other enhancements)?

Yeah, just check the forum section in the days prior to expiration, then. Historically, we tend to release within three to four days of expiration (this time was a little early), so once the ticker is winding down, just give it a daily check.

That’s the question. We really wanted to have this release ready before the NaNo expiration for that reason, but the fix cycle just didn’t work out in our favour so we’re having to do another round. For those that did use Inspector comments while they worked on their NaNos, the stable version will display the contents in a tooltip. They will be otherwise inaccessible until stable is updated to 1.5.

Hrm… could you guys consider creating an extended nano trial version–the same as the old NaNo version, but with an expiry of Jan 1,2013 or something?

This isn’t really doable, as Lee’s already stripped all the NaNo code and that version has been built on for the new betas. Downloading the build (or, which we expect out in the next couple days) is best, as it improves on the previous NaNo version and fixes some bugs in it and of course the 1.2.5 version. If users haven’t been partaking of inspector comments and footnotes, however, probably not much will be lost by switching to 1.2.5 for a few weeks until 1.5 comes out–most of the other noticeable features deal with importing and exporting, such as added support for import and split, which probably isn’t going to be critical now that the novel is already written. Converting inspector footnotes and comments to inline footnotes and annotations is also an option, allowing the switch back to 1.2.5 without losing the ability to edit notes (as Ioa said, the notes will be visible in either case, just not editable or compilable).