New chapter written on iOS app not showing up of Mac

I am so not technical at using Scrivener I barely use any of the functionality but finally came around to installing both the iOS app and downloading Dropbox for desktop on my Mac so both copies on my mac on on my iOS device sync to the dropbox folder. I recently wrote 1000 words on the app version, synced it but when I open up the project on my Mac, it still doesn’t have this newly written section. I’m wondering what the app synced to and if it’s the correct folder (although how then did it populate all the correct folders I had set up in Dropbox)? How do I check that?

I also have a q. regarding the backups that are constantly created each time you open a project. This is so you can go back to a previous version of your document if something was corrupted, right? I don’t need this to happen every time…if I’m not worried about this, I don’t have to have a million backup files saved, right? If I use Dropbox so that it is on a cloud, do I need backups and if so, can only have 1 backup file created in total?

The default limit for backups is 5.
Having 1 is a bad idea because if the project is corrupted, the corrupted version will be backed up, over-writing your previous fine backup so you end up with all versions being corrupted.

Is the project on your iDevice saved ’On Dropbox’ or ’on iPad/iPone’ in the project screen?
When you opened your Mac,

  • where you connected to the internet so it had access to the Dropbox server?
  • did you give the Dropbox time to download all changes from the Dropbox server before opening the project in Scrivener?
  1. If you have the habit of using Open Recent to open your projects, bypass this to troubleshoot. Instead, on your mac, navigate to your Dropbox folder in the Finder. In there, find the scrv project in question (probably in the applications/Scrivener folder there). Open the project by double clicking. Look for your 1000 words.

  2. If your project is in your Dropbox folder and your backups are also being put on Dropbox, this advice: do not have backups sent to the very same folder as where your master project is.*

  3. Everything that is being managed by Dropbox is in your Dropbox folder on your mac (which is an ordinary folder that is just being “watched over” by the Dropbox software. When Scriv iOS syncs a project with the dropbox server, whatever changes are made are likewise reflected as changes in your dropbox folder on your mac. In short, the only place your project can iOS sync to is a place that likewise syncs to that folder. So, you just need to look in that folder to see where your ios project has synced to.

  4. Though it is possible to reduce the number of backups Scriv keeps at any one time, I do not recommend reducing it below the default five. You might even want to increase it. Your two projects likely take up an almost infinitesimally small space on your drive compared to how much storage your drive has. Unless you have an exceptional use case this is true and you have tons of available storage space. So, you should not worry about the space taken up by a handful of backups. They are nothing compared to the importance of maintaining the functional integrity of your backup strategy!


  • I question the wisdom of keeping both your master copy and backups on dropbox – especially if you are new to these things. I am not an expert on backup strategy, but it sounds like putting all your eggs in one basket.

I agree. If the master project is in Dropbox, I recommend either keeping backups locally on whatever device you’re using or in a different cloud service. That way Dropbox protects you against damage to the local disk, and the local disk protects you against Dropbox issues.

Note that I also recommend using a Time Machine external backup, and ideally an offsite backup to a service like BackBlaze. Dropbox alone is NOT an adequate backup strategy.